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We are experts in tree removal and we are trained to do it.

Once the tree removal has taken place, it is good to deal with the remaining stump. Unsightly tree stumps are downright unattractive and can make mowing your lawn a frustrating and challenging experience.
Our clients recommend us because our professionals are trained to do the job.


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Our qualified team of arborists have many years of experience cleaning trees safely, effectively and in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Renoval Tree

Tree Prunning

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We are profesionals in the Tree Care!

Benefits of stump Grinding

– Roots can decompose in the soil

– Creates excellent nutrients for the rest of your garden to thrive

– Creates space in your garden to enjoy

– Removes a tripping hazard

Our specialise in the many various species of trees and shrubs to offer you the best solution, and expert advice for your home or business.

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We are Profesionals

The protection and upkeep of our tree canopy is an essential component in ensuring the continued health of our ecosystem. Engaging the services of a competent tree care company to perform tasks such as pruning and the removal of dead wood, as well as tree removal if necessary, will be essential to preserving the overall health of your environment

Our Works

Importance Prunning

Pruning removes dead and dying branches and stubs, allowing room for new growth and protecting your property and passerby from damage. 



Our team at Top Line Tree Care Inc are qualified tree specialists who are ready to help you keep your yard or business property safe. Since any can grow very tall or lean over structures, it is essential to hire a professional to remove them as it is a dangerous job. We will leave your property looking at its best.

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Removal Tree
Roof Line Clearing

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  1. Cleaning the site.
  2. Digging a hole.
  3. Obtaining the plant.
  4. Watering the seedling.
  5. Removing the plant from the pot.
  6. Placing the plant in the hole.
  7. Covering the roots with soil.
  8. Gently packing the soil around the tree.

specialises in dangerous and dead tree removals. It’s important to maintain your trees properly to avoid any dangerous consequences for your home and family. To minimise the risk, hire a professional team that has the necessary experience and qualifications.